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AZPunk Pub Crawl Podcast #5

No interviews, just Andrew and I shootin the shit

TPStank • Thursday, May 17, 2012 • 10:37 AM

This month, Andrew takes the reigns and we chat recap via Skype about Dishonour Dan's memorial show, a recent West End Crooks spotting, Way Out West Fest 2, Trunk Space's 8 year anniversary and what his band {pic} is up to. I also profess my love for Nick Other as well as ramble on, as usual.
Sleeping Mikey ala Ben Funke

This month, Andrew takes the reigns and we chat recap via Skype about Dishonour Dan's memorial show, a recent West End Crooks spotting, Way Out West Fest 2, Trunk Space's 8 year anniversary and what his band {pic} is up to. I also profess my love for Nick Other as well as ramble on, as usual.

In the podcast, you will hear me mention that our vinyl AZPunk banner sheltering Mikey in the top photo has seemed to come up missing after this year's WOW Fest. If anyone out there happens to know where that thing is, we would really like to have it back. There's an address on the back side of it where you can send it. Not saying anyone stole it or anything like that, but it's out there somewhere, and I'm sure it misses it's home.

Real quickly, Andrew's band {pic} (aka Partners In Crime), will be playing this Saturday at The Missouri Room in Glendale for Adieux/River Of Oblivion CD Split Release. The show posting states, "Donations accepted to keep the power going in the house. First show in a long time. We’re planning a lot of things for the westside since nothing that is truly focused on music exists over here." - Somerthing worthy of a little trip to the West side.

Big thanks to some of our awesome friends who are addicted to local punk rock (we're talking to you Monypunk, Kody the Roadie, Billy B. and Ben Funke!), we managed to gather together up some videos and photos from some of these events. (Edit - we're actually still in the process of getting that stuff together. We'll be posting those later.)

Also, the Trunk Space recently celebrated their 8 year anniversary, and wrote this eloquant post about a little venue that's made such a huge difference in our little dysfunctional music community. Taken from their Facebook page:

Stephanie asked me to say something, regarding our 8 year anniversary of business.

Unfortunately I’ve felt so overwhelmed as of late that finding peace, and collecting my thoughts enough has been nigh impossible. The ideas in my head are like individual industrious bees, and collectively they’re a swarm trapped in my head, trying to get out. But a couple of ideas are loudest and I will talk about those.

Before Trunk Space was here, we helped out at a DIY place called The Paper Heart, it was on Van Buren and 5th Ave. That's where I met Steph, and a lot of other people who are still part of my life today. Before there was The Paper Heart, there was a place called Modified Arts which hosted art and music and performance art and was a lot like Trunk Space. I saw some of the most amazing touring bands ever there, and some phenomenal local bands--the Colorstore CD release comes to mind, and Georgia Geis' 'Take Out' shows.

Willow House on 3rd Ave and McDowell, it was the first place I ever read a poem aloud. Willow House was a really amazing place, It was the first place Andrew Jackson Jihad played a live show. (I believe it was the heart of this town, and without it, we're still searching.)

Before both Modified and Paper Heart and Willow House, there was a a place called Metrophobobia, and it moved all over the place like a midnight arsonist.
Before Metrophobobia there was a place called Gallery X.
And CRASH Studios
And there was a place called Scorchy Dome.
There was a place called Four White Walls
and the Phix: spelled P-H-I-X

Phoenix is a lonelier place without all of them. But, loneliness is the basis for togetherness.

There's a few ways to handle loneliness: You can get bitter and resentful that no one in the world understand you, and hide in your house and maybe the best you can hope for is to become an internet troll.

You can go out and look for the secret signals that tell you, you've found the right spot. That's why I move to Phoenix.

I did both those things (... except maybe be an internet troll ... they didn't even have livejournal when I went thru that phase.)

And then Stephanie & I did the next thing. We stood in one spot, and held a torch in the air, and we hoped it would attract people. And it has.

It's done it for 8 years going now, and the best part is that everyone it attracts, they become a torch holder too, they've stood alongside us and helped make our dream bigger and brighter.


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TPStankThursday, May 17, 2012 • 3:51 PM

Good times.

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