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The Return Of The Nile Basement

The Mantooth Group announces the re-opening of the Nile Basement as "The Underground"

mantoothGroup • Monday, January 25, 2010 • 11:18 AM

Updated 2/4
Welcome Back To The Nile Basement 2/12

One flight of stairs below the historic Nile Theatre there is a basement but not just any basement, a basement that helped shape the state of live music in the valley for almost ten years. "The Nile had been one of the local staples for quite some time when I started performing as a wee young lad, and I was quite stunned when the place shut down. To hear that it's reopening is great news for the city of Mesa, and the state of Arizona. Not kidding. Some amazing bands have played there, and I'm positive that with the great promotion companies out there in Phoenix, many more bands will come wanting to play there for years to come," commented Wes Volcom of former local band Rondo Vega.

After the owner of the Nile decided to close the doors in 2002 the Faith Harvest Church took over the building for seven years until this past week. The church has decided to move out and local promotion company, The Mantooth Group has decided to move in. "Every day when I ride past the Nile on my way to work, I’d check to see if by some miracle it was available. That morning it was. After a day at the City of Mesa permits office and a couple of short stacks of pancakes, everything basically fell into place. It was like it was meant to be." explained Erin Peters of The Mantooth group. The Nile Basement will reopen as "The Underground" on February 12, 2010 with Vinnie Caruana & Sharp Sticks.

The Nile Basement did a lot to help shape the music scene in the valley as well as its patrons. "Being one of the very few kids in my high school that went to shows the Nile basement became part of my growing experience at a younger age. It opened the opportunity to meet new people, learn about new music and express and receive new ideas and ways of life. There hasn’t been a place like it since and I hope that will continue to happen once again," commented Josh Rodriguez, a local promoter and former patron of the Nile Basement.

There has not been a show in the Nile basement since November of 2002 but starting on February 12th bands will start to grace the stage of the Nile basement once again.

The first show schedule is local band This Century, and infectious pop band that recently was signed to Creative Artist Agency.

For a list of other concerts coming to the Underground (formerly The Nile Basement) check out www.mantoothgroup.com.


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